We Buy Vintage Guitar Amps

We make it easy to sell that old Guitar Amplifier. Deal with the Vintage Amp Expert.

Don’t get short-changed at your local pawn shop or guitar dealer. We take the hassle and the haggle out off selling that unwanted amp. Just let us know what you have and we will let you know what we can pay. After that we will send the Postman to your house to pick up the amp free of charge. After we inspect it in our shop we will issue immediate payment. ┬áIt’s that easy!

Virgil Arlo Pickups, famous around the world for setting the Gold Standard of Guitar Pickup Makers but over the years we have had many Old Guitar Amps and Vintage Guitars in the shop.

Virgil Arlo has an exclusive list of clients that prefer vintage tone. Trusted to build the finest pickups for prized vintage guitars, people also ask if any amps are available. Who knows after your old amp gets all fixed up, it might end up on the next tour or album of your favorite band.

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