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Virgil Arlo makes what many believe to be the Best Telcaster Pickups ever made. The Telecaster was first produced by Fender in 1952. The original Tele’s from the 50’s & 60’s are in high demand. The build quality, old wood and great sounding pickups has a lot to do with this demand. Virgil Arlo’s Tele Replacement pickups are considered to be as good or better than the original’s from the 1950’s. On this page you will find many reviews from Youtube & Online Guitar Forums.

A top pro, Allen Hinds has tried many pickups but he believes the Virgil Arlo Tele Pickups deliver great vintage tone, when comparing the Arlo’s to vintage pickups he say’s “they’re right there with them’”. JayLeonardJ another amazing talent, says the Virgil Arlo ar “Amazingly Clear”.

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Best Tele Pickups - 1952 Model

The Best Telecaster pickup made by Virgil Arlo. The 1952 model has received rave reviews on Youtube, Facebook and Guitar Forums.

Best Telecaster Pickups

Virgil Arlo 1952 Model Telecaster Pickups – Considered the best by Top Session and Touring Pro’s.